Wednesday, 26 March 2014

24 March 2014 – Juvees de Alt

We had expected it would be a small group again this week, but we were pleasantly surprised to find so many waiting in the car park.
Tom has returned earlier than expected from his holiday in the lake district.   Not only had Ken and Sylvia turned up, but also their son Phil and his wife Moni.   Peter and Pat were back from their camping holiday as expected, and Jackie and Mike completed the group

David normally leads this walk, but he and Rosemary are in UK for a few weeks.   So today’s walk was led by Peter (on the right pointing out landmarks to Phil)
A short distance from the village we join the 2000 Steps to walk down into the valley

The area is dotted with abandoned fincas and villages, one of which gives its name to this walk.
Phil and Moni are keen walkers, and had no difficulty with the pace.  Though  walking in Germany and the UK did not prepare them for the rough tracks we follow here
Moni is from Germany.   She has also lived just outside Salisbury for two years.  So she and Jan had lots to talk about
We were very lucky with the weather.    Clear  and sunny, but with a nice cool breeze.  It was a real Spring walk, complete with sufficient wild flowers to command frequent stops to inspect them
Juvees de Alt is an abandoned village, just the sort of place which proves irresistible to Ken.   He loves to explore and look for “interesting”  items.
The rest of us are quite content to take a break.   The village is well situated for our banana break, but this time we had stopped earlier and had to be content with a water stop
With a good pace, and ideal walking weather, it seemed no time at all before we were on the return journey and within sight of the village
This view of the valley, with Benimaurell in the centre and Montgo and the coast beyond, is one of my favourites.
The winding path has many loose rocks, and it is necessary to pay attention to where you place your feet.   So it’s wise to stop if you want to admire the view.
The almond blossoms have all gone, but they have been replaced by equally attractive cherry blossoms, making a very pretty picture as we approach the village – and the bar.
31 March 2014
Next week will be Pinos to Bernia, usually called the Marnes walk.    Drive through the village and park on the right just over the bridge.   Peter will be leading this walk

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