Wednesday, 2 April 2014

31 March 2014 – Marnes

Only eight of us for today’s walk
It was another ideal walking day, clear blue sky and warm without being too hot
On the way we stopped to say “hello” to our donkey.    He turned his nose up at Peter’s offer of grass, but was more than happy to accept Pat’s apple.
We always stop at this abandoned finca for our banana break
This is quite a long walk, but very good tracks, not much climbing and splendid views of Bernia and the coast
Bernia looked particularly attractive this morning, the bright sun and deep shadows made it look even more impressive than usual

This stretch is flat and the good surface means we could relax and look around at the views
Jan and I are making card models of Spanish buildings for our wargames table, and I took lots of photos of occupied and abandoned ones during this walk
The pace was just right, and not at all tiring.   We felt we could have walked all day
It seemed much less than five and a half hours when we returned to the cars and the short drive to the bar.   Lovely walk.

Monday 7 April 2014
Meet at Benissa cemetery at 10am for the Roca de la Salve walk. 

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