Tuesday, 6 May 2014

5 May 2014 – Granadella

This is by far my favourite coastal walk, and we were fortunate to have ideal walking weather today.   Warm and sunny, but quite cloudy and a cool wind.  The overall result was a very spring like walk.
This is the second time we have walked in this area this year.  Sue led a new walk in February which included lunch at the beach.   But it did not include the fort, which for me is the highlight of this walk.
Our first water stop is when we reach the coast, with long views either side

Then comes the headland, which is Jan’s least favourite part of the walk.   The paths are not great, though better signposted than they used to be.   And there is a little exposure, which is what Jan dislikes.
Despite what I typed above, she seems quite happy as we clamber over the rocky path.
Then it’s downhill towards the half ruined fort where we will have our banana stop
This Napoleonic period fort is one of many along the Valencia coast.   There is an information post in Spanish and English, which claims that the fort was damaged by a British man of war.   The damage is so extensive that it looks more like it was destroyed by explosive, rather than cannon balls fired from a ship.
The next stage is along a narrow, but quite good, coastal path towards Granadella beach
There are two short sections where there the path is so bad that a chain has been attached to the cliff to cross to rejoin the path.   A few of the group were a little nervous here, but fortunately it is possible to do a short detour to avoid it entirely.
Jan has never really liked this part, but is much happier than she used to be.   I suppose we have done it half a dozen times or so, and she gets more confident each time.
The last section of the cliff path is a steep climb, but with the addition of this rustic wooden hand rails it is much easier and safer.
It actually looks more exposed than it really is.   The climb itself is pretty tiring, but not at all exposed or dangerous.
I waited below until everyone was near the top in order to take photographs of them, including this one just before they reach the end of the climb.   I then had to rush to catch them all up!
And our reward is the view from the Mirador, or view point.   
Then an easy descent to the beach, where we had lunch.   Followed by a much easier walk back to the cars.

12 May 2014
Meet next week at 10am in Javea Port for a walk to the Tower overlooking Denia.   This is normally our last walk before the summer break, but has been brought forward at the special request of David and Rosemary who normally miss it as they return to UK a week or so before the end of our walking season.

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