Tuesday, 9 September 2014

25 August 2013 – DinoPark

We had not heard of this park, but Stuart and Michelle noticed signs when driving to Parcent from Alicante airport
Jack was immediately impressed by the park transport, which looked like something out of “Jurassic Park”.
The dinosaur’s are very realistic, and the setting impressive.   They are made of a rubber material and some of them move.
It’s all a bit much when you are only four years old, and it’s comforting to have an older brother to hold hands with.

Jack was first to spot one in the distance, and both were very excited
But they were soon used to them, and even quite happy to touch them
The novelty soon wore off, and Georgia didn’t even bother to stop and look
Unless there were Dinosaur eggs, just like “Ice Age – Dawn of the Dinosaurs”
And of course this gory one was their favourite
There were plenty of photo opportunities, such as this one
And a large paddling pool where they could cool off
Also lots of picnic space, with plenty to keep the younger ones happy
All the family were glad to get home, and into the pool
Jack and Georgia would have been happy to stay in the pool all day, providing their mum and dad were there to keep them occupied

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