Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Christmas at Rothbury - December 2014

Once again Christmas was spent with our family in Rothbury.   Unfortunately I failed to notice that my camera was not set to automatic.   I took about 150 photos, but all of them were out of focus.   I have used the best for this blog.
Rothbury is a popular walking area north of Newcastle, so we always try to walk as much as possible when visiting.   It’s always a striking change to the weather in Spain, but we leave a selection of warm clothing to counter the drop in temperature
There was no snow this year, and on many days the temperature was higher than in southern England.   But when milder it is usually wet and grey.   When sunny usually much colder.   So banana stops are usually taken standing up.   None of that sitting around enjoying the sun and scenery associated with our walking in Spain.
Our favourite Boxing Day walk is called Cragside.   It involves an easy climb, followed by a level circular walk with views to the Pennines.   At this time of year it is usually either very muddy or covered in snow.

This year there was thick ice.   It was ok climbing up to Cragside, which was mostly on grass.   But the path around the exposed top of the hill was like an ice rink.   It was too slippery to walk on the path, and the ground either side was boggy.   So reluctantly we had to abandon the walk.  The first time we have had to do so.
There is also an easy riverside walk, which allows us to spend a little time with Jack and Georgia.   We usually end up at a very comfortable cafe near the park where our favourite is the mini all day breakfast
The river runs through the park, and is popular for feeding the ducks.   Strange how young children never tire of this pastime.   Even when they are not too keen to go for a walk, they always enjoy the ducks.  

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