Tuesday, 14 January 2014

11 January 2014 – Lliber Recce

David wanted to recce a new walk from Lliber to Jalon via “fat mans squeeze”.   He invited us to join him and we all met in the car park in Lliber    
Unfortunately the weather was pretty miserable, grey skies and low cloud.   We all agreed that it would be pointless to climb mountains in this sort of weather, and particularly as none of us were confident we could find the right path
Instead we decided to do a short walk to Senija, which is an easy low level walk.   When we reached the village we had a cup of coffee, and it was warm enough to sit outside
As we returned to Lliber the rain started, and we sought shelter in the bar in the square.   They are not really all that interested in what is on the TV.  But it is difficult to ignore it when it is so large, so close and so loud. 

We should have called this “dos cafe” walk.   Shame that we did not take a photo of the bar in Senija.

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