Thursday, 16 January 2014

13 January 2014 – Puig Campana

It takes 90 minutes to reach the start of this walk, a much longer drive than usual.   When I read the weather forecast was for overcast skies and showers I was not very keen.  But Jan assured me it would not rain before 4pm.   The rain started as we reached Benidorm, well before the start of the walk!
The rain stopped before we reached the car park, and although overcast the scenery is pretty impressive.
I forgot to take my camera, so I am grateful to Dave, Mike and David for providing the photographs on this blog.   Dave took this particularly impressive scenic view.
There is quite a long uphill climb at the start of the walk, but the tracks are very good and the climb gradual.   I would not say  it was easy, but no harder than last week’s Pedreguer walk.
By the time we stopped for our picnic lunch we had completed the climb.   It was a little sooner than Peter had intended.   But it was 1pm.   And there was grumbling in the ranks, both verbal and tummies.   And it was a particularly suitable spot, with good views.
Just as well we did stop at 1pm, because it started to rain again just after we finished our picnic.   Not  very heavy rain, but enough to get the waterproofs on.
Despite the rain everyone managed a smile for the camera – very English.   Unfortunately there is not a photograph of Jan and I in our large rain capes, which proved very popular with one and all.  Or at least they caused a lot of comment!

20 January 2014
David will lead his Tormos to Campell walk.   Meet at the car park opposite Bar Tormos, on the Orba to Sagra road, at 10am.

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