Wednesday, 22 January 2014

20 January 2014 – Tormos to Campell

Bright and sunny, but quite cold, for this favourite old walk
Fourteen of us for the walk, including David and Sue who are not working this week.   So we had to put up with another spate of David’s “one liners”.   Jan could remember the punch line “Audi”, but he had to repeat the joke at least three times for her to remember the rest.
The mild winter, and now the sunshine, has brought out the first of the almond blossoms.   In another few weeks the valley will be covered in them
The valley has a lot of orange trees, and Jackie was determined to get a photo of the capatha full of oranges

We scrambled across the dry river bed near Isbert Dam, but didn’t stop to admire the dam itself.

David led the walk, striding manfully along with his devoted followers trailing behind-or something like that !
As soon as we stop for our banana break Jackie has the camera out again

The cacti had quite a collection of odd shapes, and we spent ten minutes or so seeing who could spot the most interesting.   This lizard head is my favourite.
Then it’s uphill to Fontiles, with Sue proudly leading the way in her new bobble hat- Christmas present?
Despite the steady climb we were all still well wrapped up when we finally arrived at the viewpoint just outside Campell.
Lunch, as always on this walk, was at the church.  However the wind was too cold to sit on the steps as we usually do.   Fortunately there was a sheltered, sunny spot at the side.
The views down the valley to the coast are pretty impressive.   Despite the cold wind it was great to be out walking on such a lovely day.
David took this magnificent photograph of..........Mike’s boots.
The return journey is through the deserted streets of Campell to pick up the track downhill to Tormos
A brief stop so that Ken can feed these beautiful white horses

Monday 27 January 2014
Another long walk next week, from Albir to Benidorm.  
Meet in the Lidl car park in Benissa at 9am.

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