Thursday, 30 January 2014

27 January 2014 – Sierra Helada

The Sierra Helada is 8km long and connects Albir with Benidorm.   When seen from Calpe it looks like a steep climb from Albir to the aerials, followed by an easy downhill walk to Benidorm.   But appearances can be deceptive!

Some of the group had done it before, and warned the rest of us that it was a very hard walk, consisting of six or seven steep climbs followed by as many descents.   We were also warned that the paths were not very good.   Despite this most of us wanted to walk it at least once.

The forecast was cloudy with a chance of rain.  So we were delighted to have clear skies and a cool breeze for the whole walk.   Ideal weather for a hard walk.

It took us about an hour to reach the aerials, the first part of the walk.  This section was on a quite good path, and we were relieved that it was not as difficult as we had feared.

Despite this we were more than ready for our first rest and banana stop

Then it was off again.   Up and down.................

------------ more up and down--------------

A little level walking in between to get our breath back, but on tracks which required careful attention.

followed by still more up and down

And then the final climb to the last peak overlooking Benidorm

The walk had taken five hours.   Not the longest walk we have done, but one of the most difficult.   We had two casualties during the walk.   David fell and grazed his arm.   Jackie fell and grazed her knee.   Nothing too serious, but a painful experience.   And a reminder that no matter how careful you are you can always be unlucky.

There only remained a walk downhill to Benidorm, and a bus ride back to Albir for a well deserved drink.

Monday 3 February
Meet at the cemetery on the outskirts of Jalon at 10am.   The walk is another favourite - “the dead dog”.   Our usual meeting place is apparently now private land, so we will walk from here to the start of the walk.

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