Wednesday, 5 February 2014

3 February 2014 – Alt de Ample

Only ten of us for this walk.    We started in Jalon, because we were told that the usual car park was closed.  In fact it was only closed for illegal hunting.  But at least we added an extension to the walk, which made Pat happy!

David led the walk.   He found an alternative way back, which avoided a particularly difficult track .   Last time he led this walk he missed the path, which is signposted by this extremely large cairn.   He added an extra stone just to make sure.

It was not only grey, it was also very cold.   The temperature was 3c when we started the walk.   After a very mild stretch since Christmas it looks like winter may have arrived at last. 

This is one of those walks which is all up, then a short pleasant stretch, followed by all down again.   Jan makes it all look very easy – not.

We were fortunate to find a sheltered spot for lunch, and David cheered us up with by passing around his flask which contained sloe gin.

Monday 10 February 2014
Beniramma.  Those who are driving straight there, park at the water deposito in the village ready to start the walk at 10am.  All others who want to go together, meet at the Red Cross Roundabout at the bottom of Teulada at 9am for car shuttle/lifts.

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