Tuesday, 11 February 2014

10 February 2014 – Beniramma

This was a new walk for the group, one that Sue had discovered.   It was the far side of Pego, a town which we dislike driving in because we get lost so much!   So we met at Teaulada to travel to the village in convoy.
The day started grey and very cold, but there were still eleven of us braving the elements.   Not our usual walking dress mind.   In fact the dismal weather reminded Jan and I of many summer walks in the UK, when the weather was just as cold and grey.   We even had a rainbow, which made it seem more like Scotland than Spain.
Sue decided that it was too windy to climb to the aerials, so this is as close as we got.  Instead of climbing up, and down the other side, we took a path which leads around the hill rather than over it.   No complaints from the wet and cold group that I could hear.
The path was excellent, which was the good news.   But the wind was very strong, and the rain turned to sleet.   Not the best location to ask everyone to stop for a photo opportunity.
It was too wet and cold to stop for lunch, though we did stop for a quick banana (or in Peter’s case a pear, break.   As a result we completed the walk and were back in the car park for 1pm.   A drink in the bar was suggested, but most of us were too cold and wet to want to delay the hot bath waiting at home.   Not the most enjoyable of walks, but certainly “an experience” at Pat put it.

17 February 2014
Sue has another new walk for us next week, or rather a variation on an old favourite.   It’s a slightly different Granadella walk.   Meet at the Hipicia at 10am.  

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