Tuesday, 18 February 2014

17 February 2014 - Granadella

Sue led this new walk which included part of our old favourite, but not a visit to the fort.    Fortunately the weather was much better than last week.

Our first stop was to enjoy this new (to us) view of Montgo and the coast
Peter,  Sue and Tom seem fascinated as Ken (in police hat) does something interesting.   Mind it does not take a lot to abandon walking to stand (or better still sit) and look.
David looks very masterful, but not to Pat and Sylvia who are too busy nattering to even enjoy the viewpoint.
The walk was on very good paths, except for this one section which was downhill on a badly eroded path.
It also involved a little scramble, but nothing beyond the ability of us band of intrepid explorers.
We even lost the rear guard on this tangled dry river bed, when they fell too far behind engrossed in talking and lost sight of the group ahead.
Right on time we reached Granadella beach for our picnic lunch, exactly 1pm.   There is much abuse heaped upon any leader who gets us to this most important part of the walk late.   No one seems to mind if we are late getting back to the cars, as long we are not delayed our lunch
Tom looks like the “old man of the sea”, overlooked by a hungry little bird waiting for him to get his lunch out and share it with him .

It was very pleasant sitting on the beach, and no one was over keen to start walking again.    But it was cooler than of late, and we were getting a little chilled.   It was about 14c, so I don’t suppose we would get much sympathy from friends and family back in the UK.

The steep climb on the way back to the cars soon warmed us up, and jackets and jumpers were removed again.
Jan and Tom have a relaxing chat to take their minds off the last half mile back to the cars.

Monday 24 February

Meet at kilometer 7 on the Castells to Tarbena road at 10am for the Bolulla castle walk

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