Sunday, 23 February 2014

22 February 2014 – Montgo Iberian Settlement

We had planned to do a CBMW walk today, but then noticed that it was graded Streneous.   We normally do Moderately Streneous, and lived to regret tackling a Streneous one some years ago.  So instead we opted for the very easy Montgo Iberian Settlements.
This walk does not involve any climbing, and at four hours is too short even for our Monday Group.   But it’s a lovely walk, and particularly on a warm  Spring like day.   This part through the woods always reminds us of walking in Northumbria in the UK.
There is a very gradual slope, which does not really count as a climb at all.   The track is particularly difficult and littered with sharp rocks.  So Jan rightly takes care where she puts her feet.
Despite the lack of climbing, there are very acceptable views of the surrounding mountains and nearby coast.
Although warm enough to walk in shirt sleeves, the cool wind make it necessary to put on our jackets when we stopped for lunch on the exposed “summit”.
As you can see from the “door step” sandwich, we have finished our post Christmas diet and are back to normal eating.
We finished the walk before 2pm, and stopped at Jesus Pobre for a coffee on the way home. Every time we pass through this village we promise we will stop and explore some time.   Well this was the time.   But the village was not really worth the effort.   Not much to see and the coffee was expensive at 1.50 euro and not as enjoyable as we have come to expect.   Mind some do say we are hard to please!

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