Thursday, 27 February 2014

24 February 2014 – Bolulla Castle

Clear blue sky for the start of the walk at Kilometer 7 on the Castells to Tarbena road.   But quite cold, though not as cold as the 3c when we drove through Castells
Only ten of us for today’s walk.   David and Rosemary should have made twelve, and it should have been their last walk before they returned to UK.  In fact David was supposed to lead the walk.    But he is not feeling well and had to miss it.   Its very unusual for him to miss a Monday Walk, so he must be feeling pretty poorly.
It’s been a few years since we last did this walk, and no one was too confident about the route.  I have led it a few times before, but always anti-clockwise.   We wanted to do it clockwise, as David does.   We managed ok, though there were a couple of times when it was more guess work than confident leading.
Once we found the start of the correct path it was easy to follow, though the path itself is not as good as I remember it.
I always think of this walk as being quite flat, apart from one section near the castle itself.   But as this photo shows there are a few sections which require a little extra effort
Our first water stop, and time to enjoy the majestic surroundings

Ken couldn’t ignore a fragile cairn, and soon he and Jan were taking turns to add a pebble and see who would cause it to collapse.   The interested onlookers prove how little it takes to keep us amused.   I don’t know who won the “cairn challenge”, I got bored and let them to it.

By midday the sky was overcast and we needed our jackets for our picnic lunch.   The track back to the cars was much better, and we made good progress.   By the time we got to the bar in Benichembla the sun had returned and we had our well deserved drinks outside.

Monday 3 March 2014
By popular demand Peter will lead his circular walk from Tarbena.   Meet in the car park at 10am.

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