Tuesday, 22 April 2014

21 April 2014 – Castell de Castells

Castells was chosen for this Easter Monday walk because it might be quieter and not so crowded.   This proved true for the walk itself, but the camping site we walked through at the start was certainly pretty busy.
We had the option to tackle one of two walks from the village.   We could do David’s walk via the arches, which has become our regular Castells walk.  Or we could go via Castillo de Serrella, with its steep road climb to the castle rock.   The weather has been much warmer of late, and we left it until this morning to decide.   It was a cool morning, and all agreed that we should do the castle walk as we had not done it for some time.
The walk starts with a gradual, but long, walk uphill from the village.    The paths are rough and broken, but easy going uphill.    Not quite so easy on the return journey downhill, particularly when we are all feeling tired and a little careless.
Then there is a gentle section towards the Castillo de Serrella, which dominates the whole area.
A short break for a banana stop, before we tackle the long and hard road climb up towards the castle.   Mike found a comfortable rock away from the main group, and provides a good impression of the size of the castle rock.
We all tackle the road climb at our own pace.   The cooler weather this morning made it much easier than I remember it from previous walks.   Certainly Pat seems to have completed it without too much trouble.
The rest of the group were quite happy to take a short break.   Peter and Mike decided to climb up to the castle itself.   They tried to tempt more to join them, but without success.   We had all climbed it in the past, and preferred to take a short break before completing the walk to our picnic site.
The path from the castle to our lunch stop is this long, winding road downhill and then sharply uphill.   It’s the most impressive view on this walk, and one of the most spectacular of the whole area.   It’s the one which always springs to mind when Castell de Castells is mentioned.
Once again we all tackle this section at our own pace.   It is not as difficult as the approach to the castle.  But it is quite steep, and it comes immediately after the castle climb.   By the time Jan arrived it was getting cloudy.
The remainder of the group, including Peter and Mike who had completed their climb to the castle, were not too far behind.   We were all well in time for our regular 1pm lunch stop.
The picnic site is quite exposed, the wind was stronger and it was quite cool.  So most of us added an extra layer of clothing.  I did not have anything with me, and borrowed Jan’s “hoodie”.   Fortunately no one else had a camera to record the moment.   Peter did recommend a “selfie”, but I declined.
It was quite cloudy and overcast while we had our lunch, so this photograph does not do justice to the view.   Despite this the view to Guadalest and the coast is pretty good.  The sun would reappear on the walk back to the village.   Just after we reached the bar the promised rain finally arrived.   Quite a heavy storm, but quite a short one.  Had it come half an hour earlier we would have been drenched.   

Monday 28 April 2014
Next week’s walk will be from Lleus to Pinos.   Meet at Lleus church at 10am.  

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