Friday, 18 April 2014

16 April 2014 – Lleus

Our second walk with the U3A Wednesday Wanderers was from Venta de la Chatta, a derelict coaching inn on the N332, to Lleus.
This was a Green Walk, meaning it was shorter and easier than last week’s Red Walk.   Consequently the group was slightly larger.   
The route was on roads and good tracks, making it much easier to relax and admire the views of the Olta and Bernia mountains.
Despite the good track we did have one casualty, resulting in a grazed knee.  But he did have exceptionally good first aid treatment from the many willing medical assistants

We soon arrived at Lleus, and the welcome shade of the main square
We had two dogs on the walk, and the selection of snacks proved too great to ignor
One in particular, “cookie” I think, was determined not to be ignored.   Jan and Rosemary were equally determined to ignore her.
It was not far from Lleus to our coffee stop at Casa del Maco.   It might be my imagination that everyone seemed to walk a little faster as we approached.
We had been warned that the coffee was very expensive, but the surroundings very grand.   At 3 euros each it was the most expensive we have had, even dearer than Cartagena.   But the surroundings were pretty impressive too.

Normally biscuits are provided with the coffee, and the staff apologised that the chef was unable to make any today.  However we did have a pretty impressive selection of cakes, sweets and titbits.
Everyone was tempted with the last cake on the plate, but no one wanted to reach out and take it.   After a little persuasion Sally offered to finish it off.
With the Donkey Sanctuary last week, and Casa del Maco this week, the leader of next week’s walk will be hard pressed to maintain the high standard.    

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