Wednesday, 16 April 2014

14 April 2014 – Roca de la Salve

Sue led today’s walk, which is a new one for the group
She promised it would be “easy”, and we were gullible enough to believe her!
It was a steady climb up from Benichemla, which you can see in the background, following the same route we took to Cocoll.
It was quite a hot day, and we were glad that we had brought lots of water with us
Pat and Sue, looking very stern.   Pat has replaced her colourful umbrella with this more practical one
The track was not particularly good, and it was one of those walks where you had to look where you were walking all the time.
Fortunately there were sections on a good track, which eased the strain of constantly looking at our feet.

We were given the option of the final climb to our “lunch spot with a view”
Everyone opted for the final climb, and the views made it well worth while
Peter went the extra little bit to take his photographs
Which were well worth the effort
Peter striking his “man of the mountain” pose

Monday 21 April 2014
Next week will be a Castells walk.   Meet at the car park in the village at 10am.   The exact route will depend on how hot it is when we meet.

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