Saturday, 12 April 2014

9 April 2014 – Donkey Sanctuary

David and Rosemary joined us for our first walk with the U3A Wednesday Wanderers
They meet twice a month and offer easy to moderate walks.   We expected a stroll, but in fact the pace was similar to our Monday walks.

This week’s walk was from Jalon to the Donkey Sanctuary.   We have not done this particular walk before, but have followed the path from Jalon when doing the Col de Rates walk with our Monday group.
We have eaten at the Donkey Sanctuary three or four times in the past.  It is a very popular place to take visitors, with its comfortable open air dining and long views over the valley to the coast.  Great place to spend a long  afternoon with a very reasonable Menu del Dia
So we were disappointed to hear that it had closed to the general public.   They now only offer meals to members on an annual subscription of 120 Euros.   Quite expensive if you only wanted the occasional meal there
The area was much cleaner and tidier than I remember it from our last visit.   Perhaps the absence of daily visitors to dine gave them more time to work on the facilities.   And, as always, the donkeys looked happy and well cared for.
We were met at the entrance by the “guard dog”, who seemed very pleased to have a group of strangers to make a fuss of him.
Despite being closed to the general public, the owners provided very reasonable soft drinks and allowed us to sit and admire the views.

We enjoyed our first walk with the Wednesday Wanderers, who we found to be a very friendly and welcoming group.   We shall certainly join them again, and hopefully find more delights like the Donkey Sanctuary.

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