Sunday, 27 April 2014

26 March 2014 – Font de la Mata

Margret used to walk with the Monday Group, but stopped due to a back injury.   We have not seen her since the last get together meal before Christmas last year.  So we were really pleased when David and Rosemary invited us to join them for a recce to Font de La Mata.   Sylvia and Ken joined us, as did Margret’s husband Heinz.  
We met in the car park in Gata and started the walk along the newish promenade, which was built to repair the damage of the Gota Fria many years ago.
The promenade runs along the side of the river, and leads to the parking area where we used to meet.   
We were lucky with the weather, sunny but not too hot.   In fact it was chilly enough to require a jacket when we started the walk.  But by lunch time we needed shade to shelter from the sun.
We had a banana stop at Font de la Mata.   Jan and I have not been here for many years.   We first did this walk with the Monday Group five or six years ago, but it has now been replaced by the longer, and much more difficult, Soldates walk.
The walk was long enough for us, particularly as it got hotter and hotter.   We opted to sit outside at the bar in Gata, but would have been better sitting inside in the air conditioning.   By the time we had finished our cold drink we all felt much better.
It was really nice to meet up with Margret and Heinz again, and to hear all of their news.   Let’s hope it is not so long before we can do so again.

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