Tuesday, 29 April 2014

28 April 2014 – Lleus to Pinos

A very good turnout for Jan’s favourite walk, or at least her most memorable one.   This is the first time we have done this walk since she broke her wrist in January 2013

Good walking weather, at least in the morning, with clear skies and a cool wind.   The walk starts with a longer than I remembered uphill walk.   Not too steep, but long.
Jan summed it up when the saw the “three wise men” ambling along at the back deep in conversation.    Her comment was “Last of the Summer Wine”
As soon as we finished the climb we had a banana stop, which was very welcome by all.
This dry river bed, and impressive rock formations, always impresses.   It's a very magical place that you would never find on your own.
Pat is not telling him off, but David looks like she might be.   No idea what was said, but everyone seems to find it very amusing.

Everyone still going strong as we complete the last stretch before lunch

Well perhaps not quite everyone.   Every picture tells a story.
Our lunch break was in the impressive church square in Pinos.

Much too hot to sit in the sun, so this bit of shade was much in demand.
Peter was trying out his new ruck sack.   He is in training for yet another long distance walk, but was not impressed with my suggestion that he fill his pack with heavy rocks.
We passed this very Spanish garden on the way back to the cars, what a lovely place to sit in the evening and watch the sun go down over Bernia.
This little beauty was a great attraction.  When first spotted he was lying in the shade, but was disturbed by us passing.
Another eye catching feature.  The tree seemed to be growing out of the rock.
And finally down the dreaded slope where Jan slipped and broke her wrist.  Fortunately no accidents today, all arrived back at the cars safely and pleasantly tired after a very enjoyable walk.
5 May 2014
Next week will be Granadella and no doubt an opportunity to swim in the sea at lunchtime.
Meet at The Hipicia at 10am.

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