Tuesday, 20 May 2014

19 May 2014 – Lliber Hidden Valley

As expected there were only six of us for today’s walk.   It’s the time of year when the “part timers” return to UK for the summer to avoid the heat here in Spain.   Luckily Wendy has returned from a local holiday and helped to boost the numbers
Pat had planned a walk to Senija, but changed it to our original Lliber circular walk through the “hidden valley”.   She did so because of the heat, and because there is more shade on this walk than the planned one.
We did a short detour to have a look at the unfinished zoo.    The number of animals get smaller each time we visit, though there does seem to be some work in progress.    The rumour is that it will open sometime, but that time would appear to be a long time off.
There was a group of donkeys.   Hardly unusual in these parts.   This little chap was particularly friendly, and made his way to the fence to join us.
Both Pat and Sylvia shared their picnic lunch with him, which was no doubt the attraction in the first place.    The animals all seemed to be well fed, but unlikely to refuse a tasty snack
Soon after we had our banana stop.   These collection of breeze blocks were too tempting to ignore.   Ken gathered a selection for us to sit on, and returned them to their original positions after!
We have not done this walk for quite a few years.  It was one of the original Monday Group walks when we started walking with them eight years ago.   It is not considered challenging enough now, but it is ideal for this time of year.   It was very enjoyable to revisit this “old friend”.

The normal return to Lliber is along the road, but we wanted to follow the track around the hill which we used to use.    There are a number of tracks, and none of us were sure which was the correct one.   We eventually found a very pleasant track which avoided the road and brought us to the village square.
It was quite a short walk and even though we took a slow pace we arrived back in Lliber before 2pm. 

We took a winding road through the old part of the village.    Parts of the village are very attractive, and we had not seen this particular part before.   Strange that despite our many visits to Lliber, and considering how small it is, that we could still find something new.
And finally to our familiar bar in the square.   We all had a cold drink, except Pat who bought herself an ice cream.   No one else had thought to do so, and we were all quite envious as she so obviously enjoyed it!
26 May 2014
Next week will be our last walk before the summer break.   It will be Javea to Portixol, which is normally the first walk after the summer break.    Meet in the Mas y Mas car park in Javea at 10am.

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