Thursday, 22 May 2014

21 May 2014 – Jalon

Much smaller group than normal for this very local walk.   Not sure whether this is because the summer is here and some members have returned to UK, or whether they are on the U3A cruise.

The published walk details were sketchy, so we were not sure what to expect.   We knew that it was in the woods above Jalon, and that it would be about 7km, but little else.

We left Jalon on the Col de Rates route, but turned off before we started to climb.   It then followed a very good path, which was new to us, back towards Jalon but higher up
The notification warned that boots and walking sticks were required, which was good warning that there would be a little climbing and some rough terrain
The only casualty was Sally, who led the walk, who took a tumble.   Fortunately the path was loose dirt rather than the usual rocks, so she had a soft landing.   No injury, other than her pride.   Something we have all suffered more than once.
It was a three hour walk, quite enough on such a warm day.   The going was good, and lots of shade.   We finished with a cold drink at Bar Aleluya.   

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