Thursday, 29 May 2014

26 May 2014 – Javea to Portitxol Beach

As expected it was a small turnout for our last walk before the summer break, just six of the old regulars.
We were fortunate to have excellent weather, warm but not too hot.   We had this wonderful view of the med as we put on our walking boots and prepared to start
Our first stop was at this quiet little beach, where Pat and Wendy enjoyed the view back towards Javea and to Montgo beyond.

We also had our banana break here.  It was so pleasant that none of us wanted to start walking again.
The next section is along the road and as it was now warmer and more exposed we were glad to reach the shaded mirador where we had a short break

Cap Prim is my favourite part of the walk.  There is a system of paths which wind around the headland, making it seem much larger than it actually is.

The sandy paths and shaded viewpoints make for easy relaxed walking
And the views out to sea are as good as they come.   There are always lots of motor or sailing boats to bring the scene to life, and tempt you to stop and look a little longer
Yet another view point, and yet another reason to stop and enjoy the view

This is one of my two favourite views of Javea.   The other is looking down on the town from the windmills.

I held back to take some photos, and when I caught up the group were engrossed in conversation.  I never did find out what was so interesting.

A little further and we came to Portitxol beach, or perhaps Cala Barraca?

As always on this walk, the beach would be our picnic site.   In the past the more energetic members of the group would often swim here, but today the water was not really warm enough.

The beach was almost deserted when we arrived.  But thanks to the nearby car park it soon started to fill up.  

We took the more direct route back to Javea, rather than the longer and more strenuous climb over the rocks around the headland.
So at just over three hours the walk was slightly shorter than usual, and we all arrived back at the car park pleasantly tired rather than shattered after a very enjoyable “last of the season” walk.

Wendy’s husband John joined us for the after walk drink.   We now all go our own ways for the summer, and both Jan and I will miss our regular Monday walks and the friends who make it such an important and enjoyable part of our weekly routine.   We hope all have a very pleasant summer break, and that we all meet up again for the first of the winter season walks.

Monday 29 September 2014
The first of the winter season walks will be a repeat of this one.   Meet in the Javea Mas y Mas car park at 10am.

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