Wednesday, 2 July 2014

18-24 June 2014 – Rothbury

We spent a week with the family for my “significant birthday”.    The cake, which was made by a collection of 3 to 5 year olds in Michelle’s child minding group, is a clue.   They enjoyed making it, and helping me to eat it. 
Our first treat was to be taken for a drive in Stuart’s new toy.   Not sure that the narrow roads around Rothbury are the ideal location, but at  least Jack seemed to enjoy it.
He also enjoyed opening and closing the roof
Jack seems to take after his dad in his love of fast cars
Our country walk was not so exciting for Jack, or indeed for Jan and Michelle if this photo is anything to judge by.
In fact we all enjoyed the opportunity to get out for a little exercise and fresh air.   The surrounding countryside is very popular with walkers and offers a wide choice of routes.
Georgia was more interested in chatting with this group of locals working in one of the gardens.   She had never met them before, but one of them had a grand daughter who went to the same nursery school.
We were lucky with the weather, though the clouds were gathering as we made our weary way back home.
A firm favourite was a trip to the play ground in the local park
Georgia needed some help with the climbing frame
Though Jack had no such trouble, and was happy to show her how it should be done.
However there were lots of interesting, and less challenging, options for a busy three year old.
Stuart and Michelle bought me a new camera, and this was my first attempt to use it.   Hopefully the result will be a slightly better standard of photographs on future blogs.

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