Saturday, 23 August 2014

21 August 2014 – Javea with Jack and Georgia

After a very dry spring and summer it rained the day before they arrived for their two week holiday with us.
Not sure whether that is the reason Jan needed a stiff sherry, or whether it was just an excuse to have one.
We started our evening in Javea with a meal at Scallops, their favourite eating place
It was our first visit to Scallops since they moved from the promenade, and we were very impressed eating in their rose garden.  
Then it was a short walk to the fun fair, which was the real reason for our visit to Javea
It was our first visit there with the children, though they had been before with their parents
We were pleased to find that the fun fair was very family friendly, and seemed to cater for young children rather than gangs of teenagers.
This was Jack’s favourite, and a fitting end to a very enjoyable evening.

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