Wednesday, 22 October 2014

20 October 2015 – Orba Castle

Very good turnout, even though Pat and Peter are touring with their caravan. Nice to see Sue and Dave, and to catch up on their news.   Also good to see David, but missed Rosemary.

Orba Castle is normally one of our easier walks, but it was so hot today that it was quite a challenge.
Pat and Mick joined us again, but didn’t tackle the climb to the castle.  Instead they returned to Murla with Jan (who has a wrist injury) and Sue (who has a foot injury).


We all had a short break before tackling the climb (or the walk back to the bar in Murla)
Sue and Jackie both look keen to get going

 The rest of us were quite happy to have a short break and, of course, a banana 

Then it was the serious business of climbing to the castle.   There is no actual path, and plenty of alternative signed routes.   We had a slight detour having lost the “official” route.
It seemed a long climb to the top, and the option of a shaded spot for lunch was much appreciated.
We collected the “sick, lame and lazy” from Murla and followed the pleasant path back to Parcent

Monday 27 October
Next week will be Granadella beach, with the option to have a swim   If it’s hot enough we will have two groups.  One will take the shorter path direct to the beach for a swim.   The non swimmers will take the longer route over the hill, down to the fort and along the coast to the beach.   Meet at the Hipica at 10am.

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