Sunday, 26 October 2014

25 October 2014 – Gata

We met David and Rosemary, and Mick and Pat, at Gata for a CBMW four hour circular walk to Font de La Mata.   This is a walk we used to do with the Monday Group, but is a little short for our current preferred walks.
This was a CBMW medium walk, so we quite expected that there would be a good turnout.  But we had not expected so many.   I heard some say there were 37 in the group.   Large, even by CBMW standards.
We arrived at Font de la Mata just after midday,  which was a little early for the lunch break.   Our leader obviously agreed,  because he suggested an extension to the walk ending back at the font for lunch.
Neither Pat nor Rosemary were keen on the proposed extension, so we decided to book out of the CBMW walk and make our own way back to Gata.
Most of the group left for the extension, and we were left with plenty of space for our picnic lunch.   We settled on this little grotto, complete with stone seats and a stone table.   However the seats seemed to be designed for tiny people – not big lumps like us.   It was a little like sitting at the children desks for junior school parents evening.
Despite the crowded seating arrangements it was a lovely place to have our picnic.   We even had a musical bird nearby keeping us entertained.
We left the font before the main group returned, and David took us on a slightly longer rout back to Gata.   By now it was very hot, and we had frequent water stops.
During one of the water stops I took this photo of Montgo.   Always impressive and always changing depending on the light and weather conditions.
It was just gone 2pm when we reached Gata, so the walk had taken four hours.   It was extremely hot, and we were all ready for a cold drink in the bar near the cars.   As we were well ahead of the group we had it all to ourselves.   A lovely walk, which we all enjoyed.  

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