Wednesday, 29 October 2014

27 October 2014 – Granadella

There were two choices on offer today.   A shorter walk to the beach and time to swim, or a longer walk over the ridge and along the coastal path.   
The smaller swimming group left us just before the viewpoint to take the direct path to the beach.
 The rest of us took the longer path over the ridge, with our intrepid leader David
Jan does not like exposure, so this is not her favourite part of the walk
We are soon at the top, which is a good place for a photo opportunity
Followed by the descent on a rubble path which requires close attention to where to place your feet
Our destination is the attractive  ruins of the coastal fort which was destroyed during the Napoleonic Wars
Not a bad spot for a short banana break, and time to enjoy the impressive sea views
The coastal path is not up to the standards expected in the UK, and requires a little scrambling
The chain attached to the rock helps in one section of the path
The view from the mirador overlooking Granadella beach makes it all worth while
On the beach we meet up with the swimming party and make ourselves comfortable for our picnic lunch
Jan found her sun umbrella useful on hot and exposed beach
Me and Rosemary had to make do with what shade we could find

This local seemed quite disinterested in our effort to escape from the sun rays
The return journey involved a long uphill climb.   There are two options.   Either a long and winding climb, or a slightly shorter but steeper one.   David choose the latter.
Fortunately there are plenty of shaded areas to have a short break, and to enjoy the sea views.

We were quite excited that a new bar had opened near where we parked the cars.   However the drinks were expensive and the service slow – even for Spain.   But the cold beer, pleasant company and opportunity to take our boots off made it the highlight of the walk.
Monday 3 November
Meet at the car park near the Bernia Inn at 10am for a different Bernia walk.  

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