Sunday, 2 November 2014

1 November 2014 – Benichembla

This is the second Saturday walk we have done with the CBMW starting from Benichembla.   It was led by Jackie and Mike, and with 20 walking the group was not too large
This circular walk was in the opposite direction from our last one, and covered some ground that we had not walked before
After a gently road walk we started climbing,  and Mike had warned us that there was one steep section on a loose path.
It gradually got steeper and the usual chatter gave way to heavy breathing
We finally reached the top, and had a welcome water stop

It also gave Mike a chance to check his map, which was a little worrying
But no need to worry, if in doubt continue to climb and climb
It was a relief to reach the top of the climb, and another short break
The return journey was downhill on a very good road.   Nice to be able to look around without worrying about tripping
But it was quite a lot of road surface, and our feet were a little sore by the time we got back to the cars

Despite the road it was a very enjoyable walk, and interesting to see some different paths in an area we know well

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