Sunday, 5 October 2014

4 October 2014 – Benigembla Stretch

After a week of grey clouds and drizzle, a forecast of clear skies and sunshine prompted us to join the Saturday CBMW meeting at Benichembla.
This was our first walk with CBMW for about a year, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that there were only about 20 walkers.   In the past “easy” walks have often attracted twice that number
The programme described the walk as a three hour walk of 9km with 300m of ascent.   The first half on mosarabic trails then tracks home.   Sounded like one of those “easy” walks, and even shorter than normal.

However the first 90 minutes was a pretty relentless climb, no shade and the sun much warmer than expected.   Most of the group felt the strain, and two even gave up and made their way back to the village.
Everyone was pretty relieved to reach the top of the climb, which was also the picnic stop.   Unfortunately not much shade, though one walker had brought his own in the shape of a standard umbrella.   Looked pretty silly at the start of the walk, but no doubt a few envied him by the end of the climb.

The return journey was a gentle downhill stroll on a very good path.   An optional meal was on offer, but only 8 of the group took up the offer.   Many thanks to Sandra Newsham for an excellent, if a slightly challenging, walk.   We must find time to walk with the CBMW more often in the coming year.  

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