Tuesday, 7 October 2014

6 October 2014 – Lliber

Much better weather this week, and also a much larger turnout.   12 of us walking this week, including some we have not seen for some time such as Mick and Pat, plus Jackie and Mike.

We started the walk in the village centre and made our way through some of the prettier parts of Lliber.   Driving through the village you miss the more attractive sights.

This was one of the first walks Jan and I did with the Monday Club, and as such has always been one of our favourites.   It’s shorter than most of the walks we do, and well suited for early or late in the season when it is too hot to tackle the longer ones.
It was not long before we had our banana stop in the centre of the dry river bed.  It was hard to believe that it was a raging river just after the last Gota Fria some years ago.
It must be a couple of years since Mick and Pat last walked with us, and it was really nice to see them again.   We have kept in touch, and often have a meal when they come on their regular visits.  But due to ill health they have not been able to walk with the group.   

Following along the side the river we came upon this fine specimen.   Lots of speculation about how old it might be, most of it probably very uninformed.   Up close it looks like it belongs in a Harry Potter film.

Pat and Peter seem to be enjoying the walk.   Peter has suffered from back problems for some time, though you would never guess it to look at him.   The doctor said exercise would help, but I am not sure he meant this type of exercise

And then it was time for another break, for lunch this time.   Although this is a short walk, it was still our usual 1pm lunch.   Though on this walk it is much nearer to the end of the walk than would be normal.

The picnic area is not only shaded by well placed trees, but also offers a real table and seats.   The view is pretty impressive too, only spoiled by the nearby rubbish bins.   Very Spanish to site the two together.
There was a fire in this area a couple of years ago, which cleared the undergrowth and allowed us to use a path which had been very overgrown.   It’s an easy walk back to the village, with lovely views over the Jalon valley.

One of the reasons we like this walk so much is the bar in the village square.   Being such a nice day it was quite busy, but we managed to collect enough chairs to gather around the single table.   This is always one of the best parts of the walk.

Monday 13 October 2014
Next week will be Olta summit.   Meet in the campsite car park at 10am

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